Be [You]

Did you know that 78% of Alaska teens don’t drink?

Be [You] is a statewide media campaign that seeks to prevent and reduce underage drinking among youth by challenging the misconception that most teens drink alcohol. People often overestimate the prevalence of risky behaviors among their peers. Research shows that misconceptions like these can actually increase unhealthy behaviors. Our goal is to portray what Alaska teens are really doing, or not doing, to reduce the perception of underage drinking, thus reducing the amount of teens who actually drink.

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Are you one of them?

The campaign features teens around the state who represent the majority: healthy, non-drinking teens. It showcases young Alaskans and their healthy behaviors, values, and beliefs!


Share your story with us!

Thrive Mat-Su wants to hear about your choice to be part of the 78% of Alaska teens that don’t drink. Send us a photo of you enjoying your favorite things along with your story to