Thrive Reports

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Community Readiness Surveys

Heroin & Non-medical Use of Prescription Opioids

As Thrive Mat-Su utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework to guide the coalition, the Coalition conducted a community readiness survey on heroin and non-medical use of prescription opioids. The results of that survey were 2.60 & 3.02, respectively, indicating that the Mat-Su is between stages 2 & 3 on the readiness scale.

Heroin – Stage 2: Denial/Resistance

Community believes issues does not concern their community or that it shouldn’t be addressed; have incorrect knowledge about current efforts. We can’t (or shouldn’t) do anything about it.

Opioids – Stage 3: Vague Awareness

Community members have only vague knowledge about the issue; there are limited resources that can be used for further addressing the issue. Something should be done, but what?

Underage Drinking

Thrive Mat-Su just recently completed a Community Readiness Survey related to underage drinking. Our score was a 2.61 on the readiness scale. This means that overall Mat-Su residents feel that only a few community members/leaders are participating in efforts, have knowledge of the issues, or think it is an issue at all and resources are limited.

Other common themes included,

  • Drug use is a larger concern right now; underage drinking is secondary to the current opioid issue

  • There is a lack of public awareness through media and other outlets

  • Many are unsure of available resources

  • Some question is underage drinking is an issue for community leadership